Feminine adjective and noun. Etymology: borrowing from imperial Latin medianus, “from the middle” ; from classical Latin medium, “middle” (source: Antidote). The MÉDIANE Chair is a research-creation, an approach to creation in a university environment that is based on an innovative relationship between theory and practice. The Chair develops “relational zones” for artists, scientists and urban communities to discuss phenomena about climate change. This approach aims to combine the interests and abilities of each person with regard to changing climates. The Chair offers a space for creation and dialogue to promote the circulation of ideas and actions between the arts, sciences and communities. To do this, the Chair explores, artistically and in a public space, data from the SmartForests research program led at the University of Quebec in Montreal by forest ecologist Daniel Kneeshaw, a pan-Canadian scientific network documenting climate variations on the waters, soils and forests of Canada. Concretely, the exploration is based on the sharing of practices between the two research programs. In addition, the host communities are invited to share their experience of the art installations and the actions they can inspire.

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